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What am I saying?
So who writes this thing? My name is Lissy and this blog originally began as an assignment for a course, but my love and passion for video games began a long time ago.

Way back when, in the time of pleated pants and dial-up internet, I hid from that world in a different world. Video games became a part of me. Although, it wasn’t until much later in my button-mashing compulsion that I realized I was a part of video games.

Several years later, a jack of all trades, master of none. I'm majoring in English, with a certificate in Professional and Public Writing. I'm president of a community action club on campus. I work as a tutor at the writing center, a writing fellow, and a receptionist. And I still play video games. Somehow.

So what is this about?

UpLeftDownRight addresses the cultural shift that is currently affecting video games. They are becoming more popular and accepted than ever. Why is that?  Through a series of news, reviews, and opinion posts, a distinct, often ignored, side of video games may come to light. Tune in for a discussion about your life, my life, and every other life that revolves around video games.
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