Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Game is Alive

All right, guys.
Let's play a game.

The name is The Game is Alive. You play it on Twitter, through tweets, and it'll feel like a text-adventure game(think of Zork). Imagine that we are the "game engine" and the players. The game has two concepts: lines and commands.

 If you want to tweet a line, you have to include @Game_Alive #line in your tweet.
 If you want to tweet a command, you have to include @Game_Alive #comm in your tweet.

Your tweet will then be retweeted and appear on @Game_Alive's twitter feed.

Here's an example of four tweets:

LINE: It's dark. You feel something clenched in your fist. @Game_Alive #line
COMMAND: Examine fist. @Game_Alive #comm
LINE: You make out the shape of a piece of glass and you're bleeding. @Game_Alive #line
COMMAND: Put the glass in your pocket and search the room. @Game_Alive #comm

Instead of 140 characters, you start out with 123, but you can play as many times as you want.

Essentially, The Game is Alive is made entirely by you! But please try to keep it PG-13. Extremely obscene tweets and illogical tweets will not make it into the game.

The game starts today and ends next Wednesday, for a solid seven days. Follow the feed to keep up with the game.
EDIT: The game lives on! No end date.

The first line is already waiting for you at The Game is Alive. Make your move!


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